Frequently Asked Questions

Through our close contact with students and our consultation work with them, we gathered some tips and recommendations for you:

  •  Register as soon as you arrive, even if you are living at a friend‘s
  •  You have to pay the GEZ  fees, even if you do not have a TV or radi
  • Open all your post and make sure, if you travel, that you still receive your letters
  • Inform yourself well about short- and long-term consequences of  private health insurance 
  • Take care not to walk on the bike lane (it is usually marked in red or there are signs)
  • Always make a housing contract
  • Be careful to whom you give out your personal data
  • At the Studierendenwerk, there is psychological counselling which is anonomous and confidential.
  • Make a personal room hand over
  • In general avoid student fraternities for room search
  • There is free legal advice by lawyers at the AStA


Besides our above mentioned exclusive tips , we want to point out the following information by the administration of TU Darmstadt and the Studierendenwerk