Tips to do sport at home

Nowadays all of us stay at home for most of the time, but it’s not an excuse for not doing sport! ??‍♀️? Our team has prepared some tips to motivate you stay fit even in actual situation:

1. First of, it’s important to keep a good posture?‍♂️ (because you are probably sitting most of the time at desk). For that we recommend you doing stretching exercises in the morning and monitoring the way you sit during the day. You could also set the notification that will remind you every 30 minutes to straighten up. ?‍♂️

2. If you feel a bit jammed up, you could always do spontaneous yoga ?. This is also a good way to stretch out or to warm up for a bigger training.

3. Talking of which, if you want to grow some muscles this summer, there’s a good option for you – callisthenics. ? Callisthenics are exercises with your own body weight, which means you can do it at home with no extra equipment. All you need is your body, floor and your will. Pretty hard to find an excuse now, isn’t it? ?

4. There are hundreds of sport channels on Youtube and a plenty of mobile apps that give examples of cool trainings at home or even help you to build your own training program and track your progress. ? So don’t forget about that opportunity. ?

5. Also bear in mind: you are still not trapped at home, you can always go for a jog or a nice bike ride. ?‍♀️ Or at least you can take a stroll to the nearest park and enjoy your time outside, since the weather has got better as well. ☀️

We hope these tips have motivated you to take an action. ?✊ Stay tuned, we have some cool online events coming up. ????
With love from TI team ❤️


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