What We Offer

Our Events

Cultural evenings

Join us every second Saturday of the month and discover a new and exotic culture through presentations, discussions, music, games and traditional food. This is organised with the help of international student associations or interested students from different countries.

Interactive German Learning

With us the most wonderful and breathtaking tutors in the world it is possible. Believe it or not! In a secure and respectful atmosphere you can overcome your fear of talking German, live out your creativity and laugh now and than.

Creative evenings

Every first Saturday of the month we meet to be creative. We paint and draw, learn international dances or bake together.


Every third Saturday of the month we meet and play together group or board games or have fun with sport activities or interactive workshops. You will meet new people, have fun and relax from your studies.

Meet and Chill

Do you want to spend more time with the team of TUtor International? And at the same time want to practice your English? Then just join us at our event Meet and Chill with TUtor International!


Once a month, we spend with you a good time in nature, museums, historical buildings or cities and get to know our surroundings.

Workshop with TI

We want to continue supporting you in your studies, which is why we will offer a new presentation workshop soon. In this workshop you will learn the basics of putting together, holding and optimizing a presentation. We will spend half of a day together, doing different exercises and learning.

Learning groups

Particularly in those subjects in which the international students have particular difficulties, targeted offers were made. The aim is to learn and work together at a pace appropriate to their previous language and subject knowledge.

Accomodation service

We, the TUtor International Team, would like to support you in areas like housing, visa extension, city registration, account opening at the bank, closing a health insurance, translation of documents.

Survival Kit: Live in Darmstadt

New in DA? Excited? Or maybe homesick? With our interactive workshop with different activities held by our experienced tutors, we want to show you how you can navigate and feel at home.

Survival Kit: Study

Start your studies successfully with the insider-tips of our tutors. Other topics that are related to a successful university experience will also be part of this event.

Survival Kit: SoSe

With our Survival Kit SoSe, we want to give you the opportunity to exchange your experiences here in Germany, the first weeks of the semester or the first months in Darmstadt. Do you get along well with your roommates? Have you already met a real “Heiner”?No matter what things you’re dealing with,you’ll have the opportunity to address it. There will be many different and sometimes funny activities.