5 beautiful places in Darmstadt to forget Corona

Here are 5 beautiful places in Darmstadt that you can visit. As you relax and get your mind off Corona. We have sampled amazing pictures and shared a bit of information about the places. Enjoy 🙂

1. Rosenhöhe

Not far from Darmstadt East station is the Rosenhöhe – the „height of roses“. After entering through the lion’s gate one can take a beautiful walk along trees, the tombstones of the family of grand duke Ernst Ludwig and finally to the eponymous rosarium with its rose dome. At the end of May the roses start blossoming! If you want to continue walking, the Oberfeld is just a few meters further.



2. Waldkunstpfad/Ludwigshöhe

Just a few meters from the tram station “Böllenfalltor” starts the Waldkunstpfad which can be translated as “forest art path”. Walking on it one can see and experience beautiful art works and structures that naturally integrate into the surrounding forest. Exploring, watching and pondering come very easily at this place. The Waldkunstpfad also leads along the Ludwigshöhe from where you have an amazing view over the South of Darmstadt and on good clear days even of Frankfurt. Ultimately, the forest of Darmstadt is a great area for going on walks and presents a source of relaxation during the present times.



3. Hochschule Darmstadt

The Hochschule Darmstadt is located near the Darmstadt main station. Regardless of whether you are a student or not, we recommend you visit this place. Modern architecture, comfortable tables and benches, a sports field and a cafeteria with WI-FI. This place is ideal for street photography, sports and just for a good time with a book in your hand.
Adresse: Schöfferstraße 3, 64295 Darmstadt



4. Orangerie

Sounds like a Orangetree- Park in Darmstadt? Yes, it is.
May sound a bit weird at first, but there is a long Orangetree tradition in Darmstadt.

In the early 18th century the noble Ernst-Ludwig Landgraf von Hessen-Darmstadt designed a park with plenty of Orangetrees in the centre of Darmstadt-Bessungen. To protect the trees from the cold in the winter, he built a large hall.

Today you probably wont find orangetrees, but the beautiful park is still there. The building is nowadays home of a high-level restaurant and used for events like weddings.



5. Eberstädter Streuobstwiesen

Behind Eberstadt, south of Darmstadt, lies the beautiful Eberstadt orchard. It has rich flora and fauna which is a symbiosis of nature and culture. You can see the beautiful new plantations of fruit trees such as apples, pears, cherries, plums or quinces. You can enjoy a wonderful hike to Ludwigshöhe via Marienhöhe through the super beautiful area with some interesting sights.
Addresse: Streuobstwiesenzentrum, Steckenbornweg 65 64297 Darmstadt